Fees at Capable Kids and Families

Individual and family counselling

The hourly rate for individual and family counselling is $180 per hour for the first visit, and $150 per hour for subsequent visits.

We usually request that you fill out and return a questionnaire before the first visit so that we can be aware of the issues. This helps in preparation for the meeting, and also means that less time is spent covering basic information during the first appointment.

Cool Kids, Cool Little Kids, and Chilled Groups

The cost for the 10 session course of Cool Kids or Chilled is $1,375.00 per family. If two children from the same family are enrolled, the fee for the second child is reduced to $800.00.

The cost for the 6 session course of Cool Little Kids is $780.00 per family.

Each of these programs is more effective if both parents can attend each session.

School Visits

Sometimes attendance at a school meeting is useful to support parents and the school in deciding how to implement recommendations in a report, or how to modify a child’s behaviour at school. Parents also sometimes request that an observation is carried out in the classroom, particularly when there are behavioural issues, before a cognitive and educational assessment is undertaken.

School visits are charged at $150.00 an hour. Travel time is charged at $75.00 per hour

Cognitive and Educational Assessments

A cognitive and educational assessment can be useful for a range of issues, including learning difficulties, social difficulties and behavioural difficulties. It can also be useful to identify a child who is gifted. The report includes a range of recommendations for parents and schools.

The cost of a cognitive and educational assessment, and full written report, varies according to the amount of time taken, and the complexity of the issues. Fees range from $830.00 to $1,380.00. Assessments generally consist of 2 x 2 hour appointments, scheduled 1 week apart, but timing can be varied according to circumstances. Some children require sessions to be split into 4 x 1 hour appointments, and sometimes appointments need to be closer together.

  • Two hour cognitive assessment (usually in relation to possible giftedness in a preschool child), materials, and written report, $830.00
  • Three hour specifically targeted assessment, materials, and written report, $920.00
  • Four hour cognitive and educational assessment, materials, and written report, $1,100.00
  • Five hour cognitive and educational assessment, materials, and written report, $1,380.00

Extra time is sometimes required when a child takes much longer, for a range of reasons, to complete the assessment, and extra appointments are necessary. This can be negotiated with parents as the assessment proceeds.
Please note that if extra time or materials are required these will be charged for as follows:
Time: $100.00. Extra forms $25 per form .
A fee also applies to cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Which consultation option is right for you?
A one hour consultation is helpful if you wish to discuss an issue (such as parenting, anxiety problems, mood or behaviour problems, etc.). It is also helpful if you would like a feedback session following a cognitive and educational assessment or if a school visit/observation is needed.

A 2 hour assessment is generally reserved for preschool children who need assessment for giftedness, when only the cognitive assessment is completed. Parents may choose to have the educational assessment completed also, in which case a regular four hour assessment fee is applicable.

A 3 hour assessment is suitable for those who have been assessed before, within the last 3 years, and who wish to update a previous assessment, review progress, or discuss and assess new issues.

A regular, 4 hour assessment is suitable for most children who have learning or behavioural difficulties at school, or for those school aged children who are potentially gifted.

An extended 5 hour assessment is suitable for those who have multiple or complex concerns, which involve learning, developmental, social and/or emotional difficulties.

Occasionally, it becomes clear during the assessment that a child who has been booked for a shorter assessment, would actually benefit from an extended assessment. In these cases parents will be alerted to the potential issues, and they can then decide whether they would like to proceed with an extended assessment.

Why do Cognitive and Educational Assessments seem so expensive?
It takes a long time to analyse the results of the assessment and to write a comprehensive report. For every hour that the psychologist spends with a client, face to face, another two to four hours will be spent “behind the scenes” reading all the material provided and writing the report. If we charged clients the hourly rate for assessments, they would be a good deal more expensive.