Elaine and the Cool Kids program has been a lifesaver for our family. Our 11-year old son developed severe anxiety last year. It started with refusing to go to school, but within three months, it had developed into a full-blown anxiety disorder and depression – to the point where he wouldn’t leave the house and could barely get out of bed. He was also having suicidal thoughts and his behavior was very extreme with constant tantrums, tears and oppositional behavior (which was not like him). Things were pretty bad!

Initially, our son wouldn’t even attend the weekly program, so we attended and Elaine would ‘drop by’ the next day and slowly, ever so gently began to help our son. Eventually, by week 7 of the program, he felt brave enough to attend and loved it! He saw that other kids had anxiety too (different but similar) and he particularly enjoyed the role-playing. After that, he started going from strength to strength, achieving new things and starting to get his life back.

Now, six months later, he is back to school most days, his behavior is improving, and he’s starting to find his former happy, exuberant self again. It’s been a difficult journey and we still have a long way to go – but we believe he would never have come this far this quickly without Elaine and the Cool Kids program. We have also learnt to be better parents and our family life is much more peaceful.

I would highly recommend Cool Kids to any family with a child with anxiety problems – and to be proactive and do it now before your child’s anxiety becomes a bigger problem. It’s just the most amazing thing you can do for your child – and your family.