The successful Cool Kids Programme has been adapted for teens between the ages of about 12-16 years, and their parents.

Grounded in a cognitive behavioural approach, it is a family based programme that consists of 9 sessions, spread over about 12 – 13 weeks (not including school holidays). Parents learn strategies for parenting their anxious teen and the young people engage in an exploration of ways to conquer their fears and worries through completing a workbook and practising their new skills between sessions. There is also a follow up tenth session, 2-3 months after the last session, to keep everyone motivated to continue the programme once regular sessions cease. Usually the programme is run with 4 or 5 families, sometimes working in a large group, and sometimes splitting into a parent group and an adolescent group. However, it can also be run with single families if circumstances make that the most appropriate approach.

Topics covered in the programme include:

  • Understanding anxiety
  • Realistic thinking
  • Managing emotions
  • Problem solving
  • Assertiveness
  • Coping strategies
  • Maintaining gains

Having seen the life changing gains that many young people have made after completing this programme we offer it with confidence in its power to transform the lives of anxious adolescents and their families.

What you can expect

The biggest advantage of working in groups with other families is that adolescents learn that they’re not alone, and that their feelings and symptoms are experienced by other young people too. And parents benefit by sharing their stories, problems and successes with one another – and by knowing there are other families going through similar challenges.

On the programme, the teenagers learn new ways to recognise, manage and reduce their anxiety. They learn how anxiety affects our bodies, thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and identify the link between thoughts and feelings. Parents learn how to parent an adolescent with anxiety, and long-term strategies and tips to help your teenager manage their anxiety.

After learning the new skills, families usually notice significant improvement. This can include increases in school attendance, academic achievement, confidence, number of friends and involvement in extra-curricular activities and decreases in worry, shyness, fear and family distress.

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