Cool Little Kids

An early intervention programme for the parents of children aged 3 to 6 years who show signs of excessive shyness or anxiety. Cool Little Kids equips parents with knowledge, practical skills and tips to help their child manage and overcome anxiety.

While some shyness can be a normal part of development, research has shown that excessive shyness in preschool aged children can lead to more serious problems in later life, such as the development of anxiety disorders. Having a parent who is anxious or depressed also increases a child’s likelihood of developing anxiety. Cool Little Kids gives parents effective tools and strategies to enhance their child’s emotional wellbeing and help prevent anxiety issues in the future.

The Cool Little Kids programme is theoretically grounded in the cognitive behavioural approach. It is based on research that has identified some of the key factors important in the development of anxiety across childhood. It consists of six one-hour group sessions over a six-to-eight week period, held at the same time each week. We keep groups small and interactive, so that all families are able to get the most out of the programme.

Topics covered in the programme include:

  • Understanding anxiety and shyness in preschool children
  • Causes and risk factors for child anxiety
  • Helpful and unhelpful ways of responding to anxiety in children
  • Skills and strategies to help your child build brave behaviours and face fears
  • How to deal with setbacks and difficulties
  • Maintaining progress after the programme ends.

What you can expect

The biggest advantage of working in a group with other parents is that you realise that you’re not alone and that the difficulties your child is having are experienced by other children too. You benefit from sharing your stories, problems and successes with one another and can support each other during difficulties and share the pleasure as your children grow in confidence and resilience. During the programme you learn how to parent a child with anxiety, and long term strategies and tips to help your child manage their own anxiety.

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