Capable Kids offers a range of services for children, adolescents and their parents.

Family support/family work

Aimed at improving family functioning and enhancing family life. A consultation is recommended.

Parenting strategies

Including parenting the gifted, anxious, stubborn, or otherwise challenged or challenging child or adolescent, and a range of other issues. A consultation is recommended.

Gifted and twice exceptional children

Including dealing with over intensities, social difficulties, misdiagnosis and lack of understanding at school. A cognitive and educational assessment is usually the first step.

ADHD at home and school

Understanding your ADHD child and finding strategies to make life calmer and more enriching. A cognitive and educational assessment can help to identify management strategies to create a “good fit” for your child.

Behavioural difficulties

Oppositionality, “bossiness”, controlling behaviour, school refusal, aggression at home or school, lying, bullying or being bullied or any other difficult behaviours. It’s helpful to have a comprehensive cognitive and educational assessment to understand the dynamics. Additional assessment may be recommended.

Learning difficulties

Identification of learning difficulties including recommendations for interventions and management for school and home. A cognitive and educational assessment is recommended.

Liaison with schools

Our psychologists can liaise with schools over the phone, by email or in person. They can conduct observations of your child in the school setting and can attend school meetings with you.

Cognitive and educational assessments

May be practically helpful when children appear to find learning difficult, do not seem to be reaching their full potential, or when there is school resistance/refusal or other behavioural issues.

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Capable Kids also offers the range of Cool Kids programmes for children and their parents dealing with the effects of high levels of anxiety.

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